Working hours per month


Working days per year 2023

In general, when you talk about the number of working hours per month, you usually say 160, or if you talk about the number of working days per year in 2023, you usually say 250, which is often not quite right. This year (2023), for example, there are between 152 and 184 working hours with an average of 169 hours per month or 253 working days (112 days off!). Here in the table below, you can see exactly how many working days, working hours, number of Saturdays and Sundays and other days off, for example red days, Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. On the occasions that a red day coincides with a Saturday or Sunday, it is counted in the Sat & Sun column. We also expect an eight-hour working day. Which days in Sweden count as holidays are regulated in the following Lag (1989: 253) "The Public Holidays Act". The majority are free on the following holidays, even if they happen to coincide with a normal weekday:

Feel free to check out our calendar here on the right, which contains information such as e.g. name days and a little history about what happened on that particular day.

MonthWorking daysWorking hoursSat & Sun.Others
Total annual working hours25320241048
Average / Month211698.670.67

Good Friday and Easter Monday

Good Friday

What happens on Good Friday is not a celebration, but rather a celebration. Jesus' crucifixion is what is noticed and this day is traditionally gray and mourning. Symbols of grief have historically emerged during Good Friday. Here we have seen black clothes, closed shops, avoided contact, very simple restricted food or even fasting. It was illegal for a while to have fun on Good Friday. Dancing, taverns, cinemas, bingo and football matches were all banned. Even further back in history, we also see that they have whipped each other with rice, to remind themselves of Jesus' suffering. In modern times, suffering has been withdrawn. Nowadays, it is allowed and legal to do what you want on Good Friday, but many insist on limiting themselves.  In the Church's attention on Good Friday, a service is held in the morning, close to the ninth hour in which Jesus died. No music is played, all signs of joy are gone and hymns are sung. The only decoration is five red roses that adorn the altar, which are symbols of the wounds Jesus received when he was crucified.   

Easter Monday

This is the day when it is celebrated that Jesus appeared to his disciples, after dying on the cross and coming back to life. Easter Monday is the day after Easter. On Easter day, Jesus' tomb was examined and it was discovered that it was empty. The next day, Jesus began to appear to his disciples. Easter Monday is a day in Christianity that helps to establish that there is a hope for a life after death, together with God, because Jesus shows that death can be defeated. The second day of Easter is of course happier than Good Friday and this day is without special regulations for joy. In the folk home, there is usually leftover Easter food, family may gather and eat together on Easter Eve without further meaning for Jesus and his disciples. 

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is celebrated in many countries in different ways

New Year's Eve is a holiday celebrated in many countries around the world. In Sweden, New Year's Eve is celebrated on December 31, and New Year's Day on January 1. New Year's Eve is one of the most popular holidays in Sweden, and it is common for families and friends to gather to celebrate together. There are different traditions for how to celebrate New Year's Eve, but the most common is to watch TV or go out and listen to music. New Year's Eve often ends with launching rockets or fireworks at midnight. This is a tradition that has its origins in Roman times, when braziers were lit in the square to scare away evil spirits. Today, the shooting of rockets and fireworks is merely a symbolic gesture, but it is still a very popular way to ring in the new year.

In some countries it is common to dance, eat and drink during the evening

In some countries it is common to dance, eat and drink during the evening. People drink New Year's drinks and eat New Year's food. There is also a New Year's dinner and New Year's supper. All these traditions have their own stories. Dancing, eating and drinking are common New Year's Eve activities in many countries around the world. People drink special New Year's drinks and eat traditional New Year's food. They also eat special New Year's meals such as New Year's dinner and New Year's Eve. In some countries, it is also customary to exchange New Year's gifts with family and friends. Regardless of the specific traditions, the celebration of the New Year is a cherished custom in many cultures.

Other countries use New Year's Eve to watch fireworks or light them themselves

In other countries, they prepare for the New Year in different ways. In Japan, people light lanterns and burn firecrackers to scare away evil spirits. In South America it is common to party all night and the fireworks are set off at midnight. In the Philippines, people celebrate by shooting off fireworks, and in Southeast Asia firecrackers were used in the past to scare pests away from strawberries. Today, however, people celebrate more with laser shows and fireworks in the city, instead of firecrackers on the strawberries. The differences between how New Year's Eve is celebrated around the world are great, but all parts of the traditions have their own positive aspects. The laser show in the city is seen by many, the lanterns and firecrackers scare away evil spirits and the fireworks entertain in a happy way. All traditions thus have their own positive aspects that contribute to a pleasant weekend.

There is no real rule for how to celebrate New Year's Eve

How do you usually celebrate New Year's Eve? There is no real rule for how to celebrate New Year's Eve. people usually do different things on New Year's Eve. Some people go out and celebrate with friends, while other people stay home and celebrate with their family. Some people eat special dinners, while others just eat the usual. Whatever you do on New Year's Eve, remember that it's a day to celebrate and have fun.

Have a nice New Year's Eve!

Have a great New Year's Eve, everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful evening, filled with lots of fun and laughter. Whether you stay up to watch the fireworks or go to the party, I hope you have fun and have a good time. We wish you a happy and successful new year! I wish you all the best in the coming year. Happy New Year!