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5 :e Maj år 2026

Tisdag den 5:e maj år 2026

Today's name is: Gotthard, Erhard. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 19

Day of the year is: 125 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 1045 - After he has bought the papacy from his godson Benedict IX four days earlier, Johannes Gratianus becomes Pope and takes the name Gregory VI. However, he himself abdicates from the papacy in December of the following year, after which Clement II is pope for just under a year, before Benedict IX returns a third time as pope in the fall of 1047.
  • 1260Khubilai Khan succeeds his brother Möngke as kaghan (storkhan) over Mongol Empire and Emperor of China, since the brother's death in August of the previous year. Khubilai becomes the first emperor of The Yuan Dynasty, but when his younger brother Ariq Boke also claims the Mongol throne, a civil war breaks out between them, which will last for four years. The war leads to the fragmentation of the Mongol Empire and it takes until 1304, before the entire Mongol Empire is united again under a kaghan.
  • 1494 - During his second trip to the Caribbean, the Italian-Spanish explorer disembarks Christopher Columbus with its crew on Jamaica. Columbus names the island Santiago (St. James) after the saint of the same name.
  • 1500 - Then the Danish-Holstein army, which has tried to invade peasant republic Ditmarsken completely have failed the campaign it concludes a truce with the Ditmarski farmers. Thus the campaign is over and it will be almost 60 years before the Danes try to subdue the republic again.
  • 1789 - King Louis XVI convenes the French Estates General (Parliament) in Versailles, to try to solve France's financial problems. This is the first time since 1614 that the Estates General have been convened, but when the lowest third estate realizes that they have nothing special to say they leave the Riksdag and form the French Revolution instead.
  • 1864 - A battle between Northern and Southern troops breaks out in the state of Virginia during that The American civil war. It lasts for three days and then gets the name the battle in the wilderness, because it is fought out in the forest. Then the North State troops during Ulysses S. Grant's and George Meades command has lost 18,000 of its 102,000 men and the Confederate troops, led by Robert E. Lee, having lost 7,500 of his 61,000, both sides withdraw on May 7 and the battle ends in a draw.
  • 1912 - The Swedish king Gustaf V inaugurate this year's Summer Olympic Games on the newly built for the purpose Stockholm Stadium. The games' tennis competitions begin on this day and the football and shooting competitions at the end of the second quarter - otherwise all competitions are held in July.
  • 1918 - That Finnish Civil War, which has erupted on January 27, ends when the last troops on the Red side surrender. Although the war has only lasted for just over three months, it has created a deep division in Finland, which will last for several generations and even today (2022) leaves its mark on Finnish society.
  • 1939 - The Swedish parliament passes a law that prohibits Swedish employers from dismissing women due to engagement, marriage or pregnancy. Women also get two weeks of paid leave after giving birth.
  • 1949 - The intergovernmental organization Council of Europe is founded, by representatives of Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain and Sweden signing its statutes in London. The organization's main purpose is to promote democracy, human rights and legal development and its first meeting is held in September of the same year.
  • 1955West Germany gets complete sovereignty[3] after the Chancellor Konrad Adenauer negotiations with the Western powers. Until now, the West German state has been occupied by the Allies, since the end of the war in 1945, although they have founded West Germany in 1949, as a counterweight to that founded by the Soviet Union in the same year East Germany.
  • 1961Alan Shepard becomes the first American in space, as he is the pilot of the space flight Mercury 3, which will be NASA's second manned space flight (the first had a chimpanzee on board). The journey lasts 15 minutes and 22 seconds, after which Shepard lands in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • 1981 - The moderates leave the Swedish bourgeois three-party government in protest against the People's Party and the Center Party's tax settlement with the Social Democrats on April 24. Three days later, the center leader resigns Thorbjörn Fälldin as prime minister and thus the government is dissolved. However, he can form new government on May 19.
  • 1984 - The Swedish group Herrey's wins this year's edition of the music competition Eurovision Song Contest with the song Diggi loo diggi ley. This will be Sweden's second victory in the competition ever, ten years after Abba took home the first with the song Waterloo.