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29 :e Mars år 2026

Söndag den 29:e mars år 2026

Today's name is: Jonas, Jens. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 13

Day of the year is: 88 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 537 - Then Silverius has been deposed earlier in the month is elected Vigilius to the Pope.[3]
  • 1638 - Then the two Swedish ships Kalmar Key and Bird Grip, which sailed from Gothenburg in November of the previous year under the command of the Dutch captain Peter Minuit, on March 23 has arrived at Delaware Bay on the North American east coast, the expedition has sailed up the Delaware River and landed on a headland between it and a tributary (which is named Paradisudden). On this day, Minuit concludes an agreement with the local Indians about buying a piece of land around the mouth of the Delaware River. Even if the agreement is not signed until April 8, this is therefore counted as the day when the Swedish colony New Sweden is founded and Minuit becomes its first governor on the same day. Since Fort Christina has been built, Minuit sets sail already in the summer to pick up new colonists, but perishes during a hurricane in the West Indies on August 5. The 300th anniversary of the colony's founding in 1938 is celebrated by the Swedish Crown Prince Gustaf (VI) Adolf makes a state visit to the United States and meets the president Franklin D. Roosevelt and for the 350th anniversary in 1988, a joint Swedish-Finnish commemorative stamp is issued.
  • 1792 - The Swedish king Gustav III dies from the injuries he has received, then he was shot at an opera masquerade barely two weeks earlier. He is succeeded as king of Sweden by his son Gustav IV Adolf, who is then only 13 years old and receives a board of guardians, led by his uncle Duke Charles, until 1796, when he comes of age and can take over the board.
  • 1809
    • Sweden's King Gustav IV Adolf, who through a coup d'état has been arrested and placed under house arrest on March 13, formally abdicates the Swedish throne. He renounces his own right to the crown, but refuses to do the same for his son crown prince Gustavs Bill. On May 10, however, he is formally deposed by the estates, who then also deprive his entire family of the right to inherit the crown.
    • The Russian Tsar Alexander I called out to Grand Duke of Finland at country day in Borgå, when the Finnish estates swear allegiance to him and he issues the government declaration. Even though it's almost six months until then the peace in the ongoing Finnish War is signed, this confirms that Finland is thus forever separated from Sweden after over 600 years and has become an autonomous Russian Grand Duchy.
  • 1871 - The concert hall Royal Albert Hall in London is inaugurated after a construction period of four years. It is named after Queen Victoria husband Prince Albert, who was the one who proposed the project already 20 years earlier, but died in 1861 and thus did not get to see it completed.
  • 1948 - The world's first formula 1- race is held in the French city of Pau (it is also called Pause Grand Prix). The sport originates from the grand prix racing from the first half of the 20th century, but it is only two years later that the race counts as a world championship.
  • 1951 - The two American spouses Ethel and Julius Rosenberg sentenced by a federal court to death for conspiring to spy on behalf of the Soviet Union, when they allegedly passed information about atomic bombs to the Soviet Union. They are executed on June 19, 1953 and this becomes the only case so far in the history of the United States, where civilians are executed for espionage. After the fall of the Soviet Union, indications emerge from Soviet archives that Julius did indeed commit the crime he was convicted of, while Ethel's involvement is more ambiguous.
  • 1968Tingstad tunnel under the Göta river in Gothenburg is inaugurated after a construction period of seven years and thus connects the island of Hisingen with the mainland.
  • 1990 - Six Swedish police chiefs are charged with unauthorized wiretapping of Swedish Kurds and Palestinians. All of the defendants claim to be innocent of crime, when the wiretapping, which is part of The palm investigation, said to have been done to prevent acts of violence by the Kurdish party Kurdistan Workers' Party.
  • 2006 - Tinsmith Niklas Lindgren, who has become known as Hagamannen since he has carried out six rape attempts in the Haga district in Umeå, is arrested outside his workplace. He was arrested on April 22 and sentenced on July 26 to 14 years in prison for two rapes, two aggravated rapes and attempted murder, and two attempted rapes.
  • 2017 - Great Britain applies for withdrawal from the European Union.