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April 29, 2026

Wednesday, April 29, 2026

Today's name is: Tycho. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 18

Day of the year is: 119 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 711 - Moorish troops under the command of Tariq ibn-Ziyad lands at Gibraltar in southern Spain and thus begins the reconquista has completely driven them away in 1492.
  • 1521 - The Swedish insurgent army succeeds, wonder Gustav Vasas management, in the meantime the liberation war defeat the Danes, who are under Didrik Slaghecks commander, i the battle of Västerås. When the Danes see that they are losing the battle, they set fire to the city, but still hold on to it for another three weeks. On May 20, they surrender the city and leave it in the hands of the rebel army. However, the Danish garrison at Västerås Castle does not capitulate until January 31 of the following year, after a nine-month siege.
  • 1670 - Then Clement IX has died the year before Emilio Bonaventura Altieri is elected Pope and takes the name Clemens X.[3]
  • 1916The Easter Rebellion in Dublin ends when the rebels surrender to the British authorities, whereupon they martial law, which has been introduced at the outbreak of the rebellion on April 24, is repealed. The rebellion, which has been the worst in Ireland since the rebellion of 1798, has aimed to end British rule over the island, but although this fails for the time being (the rebellion is put down and the leaders are court-martialled and executed) it has led to the strengthening of republicanism and Irish nationalism, and only six years later is established Irish Free State, which gives the country increased autonomy within the UK.
  • 1945 - The German dictator Adolf Hitler marries his longtime mistress Eva Brown in his bunker during the Reich Chancellery in Berlin as well as appoints Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz to his successor. As the German capital is almost completely occupied by Soviet troops, Hitler and his wife commit suicide the following day, to avoid ending up in Russian captivity.
  • 1992Extensive riots erupts in Los Angeles on the American West Coast, since a Hispanic and three white police officers have been acquitted during a trial, where they have been accused of assault and misconduct. The accusations have come after they arrested the black man in a very brutal way on March 3 of the previous year Rodney King, who was then on leave from a prison sentence. Despite the fact that the passer-by George Holliday recorded the incident from a distance with a video camera and there is therefore strong evidence, all four defendants are thus acquitted. This leads to accusations of racism by the jury, which in turn leads to the riots, which last until May 4, with vandalism and fires as a result and with 53 deaths, 2,300 injuries and over 8,000 arrests. The riots and criticism lead to Los Angeles police chief Daryl Gates forced to resign and that the trial against the four police officers be redone at the federal level, whereby two of them are sentenced to prison, while the other two are again acquitted.
  • 1998 - Sweden's Riksdag approves Treaty of Amsterdam, which has been adopted as an EU treaty on 2 October of the previous year and enters into force on 1 May of the following year. The treaty is intended to improve democracy within European Union, by giving European Parliament increased powers.
  • 2004 – The 35,229,218th and last example of the American car brand Oldsmobile is manufactured, after which the manufacture of the car brand, which since 1909 is owned by General Motors (GM), is closing down. Oldsmobile is at this time the oldest existing American car brand (founded in 1897), but GM has announced in December 2000 that production will be closed.
  • 2011 - The British Crown Prince William and the photographer and art historian Catherine "Kate" Middleton get married in Westminster Abbey in London, after being engaged for six months.
  • 2019 - After the parliamentary elections in March, Estonia's new centre-right government takes office, Government Ratas II.