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28 :e Maj år 2023

Söndag den 28:e maj år 2023

Today's name is: Ingeborg, Borghild. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 21

Day of the year is: 148 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 585 BC - While king Alyattes II of Lydia fighting the Median king Kyaxares in the battle of Halys occurs a solar eclipse (as the philosopher Thales from Miletus has predicted). It leads to the combatants canceling the battle and entering into a truce and the battle also becoming known as The solar eclipse. Since it is still possible to calculate astronomically that the solar eclipse occurred on this date, this day becomes a so-called cardinal date, from which you can today calculate the timing of other events at the same time (for example, based on information that they occurred "so and so long after the solar eclipse ").
  • 640 - After the papacy has stood empty for a year and a half is elected Severinus to the Pope. However, he dies already two months later and is then succeeded by John IV.
  • 1588 - Under the direction of Duke Alonso of Medina Sidonia seals off the so-called Spanish Armada from Lisbon. The armada, which consists of 151 ships, is the largest in world history up to that point and its purpose is to invade England and set aside Queen Elizabeth I, to end English interference in Spanish Netherlands and the English privateers of Spanish ships in the Atlantic.
  • 1810 - During the awareness of exercise on Kvidinge heath in Skåne, the newly elected Swedish crown prince is affected Karl August of stroke, falls from his horse, and dies. Very soon, however, rumors begin to circulate that the Reich Marshal Axel von Fersen must have poisoned him, to try to prepare a place for the deposed Gustav IV Adolf son Gustav in the Swedish line of succession. This leads to the Reich Marshal is lynched to death during Karl August's funeral in Stockholm on June 20 and that you are forced to call in a Riksdag in Örebro, to choose a new Swedish crown prince. In August, the French marshal is thus elected Jean Bernadotte to new crown prince.
  • 1937The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on the American west coast is inaugurated. The bridge, which crosses Golden Gate-sundet took four years to build and, at 2,150 meters, is the world's longest suspension bridge, which it remained until 1964. Even today, it is one of San Francisco's most famous landmarks.
  • 1871 - The end of Paris Commune in France.
  • 1945 - The American politician and propagandist William Joyce is captured by British troops in Flensburg, Germany. He has during World War II under the pseudonym Lord Haw-Haw broadcast propaganda radio to Great Britain from Germany and thus is put on trial for treason. He is later sentenced to death and executed on January 3, 1946, but the sentence becomes controversial, as it is questioned whether a state has the right to sentence someone with citizenship of another country for treason.
  • 1961 - The British lawyer Peter Benenson publishes the article "The Forgotten Prisoners” in the news paper The Observer, where he takes up the case of two Portuguese students, who have been imprisoned after toasting freedom. The article receives a great response from readers, who begin to examine abuses against human rights in several parts of the world and lead to the organization Amnesty International was founded later that year, which still works today for the liberation of political prisoners.
  • 1987 - West German Mathias Rust landing with a small Cessna airplane on a bridge nearby Red Square in Moscow, where he flew the same day from Helsinki. He has managed to fly to the heart of the Soviet superpower by bypassing the lagging Soviet air defenses, but what he wants to achieve with the flight is unclear. When he lands, he is arrested by the KGB and has to spend a year and a half in a Soviet prison. Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev uses the incident to purge people he wants to get rid of in the defense and air ministries and replace them with people more sympathetic to his reform policies with glass cheese and perestroika.
  • 1999 - After the three robbers Tony Olsson, Andreas Axelsson and Jackie Arklöv have robbed Östgöta Enskilda Bank in Kisa they flee towards Österbymo. The police take up the chase and at Lillsjön in Malexander, shooting breaks out between the robbers and the two police officers Olov Borén and Robert Karlström. Eventually, radio contact with the police command and the two police officers is lost later found shot to death on the spot. The robbers are eventually caught and put on trial at the Linköping district court the same autumn. In 2000, they were sentenced to life imprisonment for robbery and murder, both in the district court and the court of appeal (Supreme Court does not grant leave to appeal), but the verdict becomes controversial, as it is not possible to determine who has held the firearm.
  • 2008 - The Asian mountain kingdom Nepal becomes a republic, after being monarchy for 240 years, since the country was founded in 1768.[3] The decision on the change of state had already been made on December 23 of the previous year, after popular protests against the king Gyanendra of Nepal already in 2006. In connection with the introduction of the republic, Hinduism is also abolished as the state religion.