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28 :e Juli år 2023

Fredag den 28:e juli år 2023

Today's name is: Botvid, Seved. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 30

Day of the year is: 209 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 1540 - The English statesman Thomas Cromwell, which has led the English Reformation and been king Henry VIII's prime minister since 1532, is executed on The tower on the king's orders. During the Reformation, Cromwell made many enemies within the conservative camp and his arrangement of the king's marriage to the German princess Anna of Kleve has caused him to fall out of favor with the monarch (as Henry dislikes the marriage, which dissolves after only six months). Therefore, Cromwell is executed, accused of treason and heresy, just hours before the king marries Catherine Howard. Later, however, Henrik will regret the execution.
  • 1794 - The day after the French The National Convention has deposed the revolutionary leader Maximilien de Robespierre as a member, he is, without prior trial, executed by guillotining. He has been one of the most ardent revolutionaries ever since of the French Revolution outbreak in 1789 and one of the most prominent politicians as well as a member of the Radical The Jacobin Club. As he has also been leading for the reign of terror he has been feared and hated by many and the convention sees impeachment and execution as the only way to get rid of him.
  • 1821 - The Argentine general Jose de San Martin exclaims Independence of Peru from Spain, in the middle of it Peruvian War of Independence. The war has been going on since 1811, but does not end until three years after the declaration of independence, when Spain refuses to recognize it until the Spanish have suffered a decisive defeat in the battle of Ayacucho 1824. Peru becomes the last Spanish colony in South America, which proclaims its independence, but after the end of the war, the country is divided into two parts, the upper part of which becomes the Republic of Peru and the lower part becomes its own country, which after the hero of freedom Simon Bolivar from the name Bolivia.
  • 1851 - One total solar eclipse occurs in Sweden.
  • 1914 - A month after the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie von Chotek have been murdered by the shots in Sarajevo and five days after the Austrian ultimatum to Serbia erupts World War I, then Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia. Since the Austrians suspect that Serbia has supported the murder, on July 23 they made a series of demands on this country, most of which the Serbs have agreed to. Since they have not agreed to all, the Austrians go to war, to settle the score with Serbia once and for all. During the coming week (until August 6), however, more and more of Europe's great powers join the war and thus the great power war is a fact, which after several decades of arms race and alliance formation has been feared, but tried to avoid for the longest time. The war will last until 1918 and radically reshape the map and politics of Europe. Thus also goes the so-called Belle époque and what has later come to be called The long 19th century in the grave.
  • 19281928 Summer Olympics inaugurated in Amsterdam by Prince Henrik of the Netherlands.
  • 1964The Beatles appears on Johanneshov's ice stadium.
  • 1976Anders Gärderud wins gold in the 3000 meters steeplechase under Olympics in Montreal. It is the first Swedish Olympic gold medal in athletics in 28 years.
  • 19841984 Summer Olympics inaugurated in Los Angeles by Ronald Reagan. It is the second time in the history of the modern Olympic Games that Los Angeles is hosting.
  • 1996 - Skeletal remains of a human are found on a riverbank on the Columbia River in Kennewick in the US state of Washington and are named after the place of discovery The Kennewick Man. At first it was thought to be a settler from the 1880s, but dating and examination of the skeletal parts show that the man lived in the middle of the 7000s BC. and that it is unclear if he is related to any of the American Indian tribes. Because of this, a US court in 2004 rejected several Indian tribes' demands that the man be buried as a Native American ancestor and instead allowed the researchers to continue studying him.
  • 2004 - The Swedish killer Tony Olsson, who is currently serving a life sentence for The Malexander murders 1999, succeeds together with three other inmates (Daniel Maiorana, Kumlaanstalten and has, among other things with reference to the escape, been refused to have his sentence fixed for time.
  • 2005 - The Irish paramilitary organization Provisional IRAs, which since 1969 has been fighting to Northern Ireland shall become part of the Republic Ireland, is laying down its arms after over 35 years of struggle. It is announced that from now on the fight to reach the end goal should be carried out only by using political and democratic means in a peaceful way. However, some separatist groups refuse to accept this and continue the armed struggle for Northern Ireland.