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24 :e Maj år 2023

Onsdag den 24:e maj år 2023

Today's name is: Ivan, Vanya. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 21

Day of the year is: 144 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 1086 - Then the papal chair has been empty for a year Dauferius is elected Pope and takes the name Victor III. However, he dies already the following year.
  • 1153 - Vid David I's dead, he is succeeded as King of Scotland by his grandson Malcolm IV.
  • 1276 - Barely a year after that Magnus Ladulås has deposed his brother Valdemar from the Swedish throne, he is crowned King of Sweden in Old Uppsala. At the coronation, he promises to confirm as soon as possible the rights of the Church (freedom from taxation) and not to demand any services from priests or bishops.
  • 1567 - The Swedish king Erik XIV perform an act of murder, which becomes known as The Sture murders, as several of the dead are nobles from the Sture family. Several nobles are imprisoned in Uppsala Castle, because Erik suspects that they want to overthrow him, but he appears before the trial, when his madness makes itself known, by going down into the dungeons and praying Nils Svantesson Sture for forgiveness, but then kills him by stabbing him with a dagger. He then orders his thugs to kill the other prisoners Svante Sture the younger, Eric Sture, Abraham Gustafsson Capricorn and Ivar Ivarsson (Lily eagle), whereupon he leaves the castle and disappears into the forest. According to the legend, however, he must have ordered the guards to "spare Mr. Sten", which is why they must have let both Sten Eriksson (Leijonhufvud) and Sten Axelsson Banner live. The king's old teacher Dionysius Beurreus tries to calm him down, but he is then also stabbed by the drabants on the king's orders, before disappearing. The king is found the next day wandering in the forest near Alsike.
  • 1626 - The Dutch captain Peter Minuit buy the island Manhattan on the North American coast of the local Indian tribe (either Lenape or New York, when a few years later they conquer the island and the city.
  • 1844 - The American inventor Samuel Morse, who had already managed to create an electric ten years earlier telegraph, to send messages quickly over long distances, the year before had been commissioned to build an experimental telegraph line between Washington, DC and Baltimore and on this day he sends the world's first telegram on the line. The message reads "What hath God wrought?" and is a quote from The Book of Numbers from the Bible.
  • 1883 – The suspension bridge Brooklyn Bridge, which connects Brooklyn with Manhattan in New York, inaugurated after 14 years of construction. At its opening, it is the world's largest suspension bridge and the first in the world to use steel cables.
  • 1909 - Sweden's Riksdag decides that the state should set aside land for nine national parks, which must be land areas, where land, plant and animal life must not be exploited, but must be left untouched. Abisko National Park, Garphyttan National Park, Hamra National Park, Pieljekaise national park, Sareks national park, Stora Sjöfallet National Park, Sonfjället, Ängsö National Park and part of Gothic Sand Island will be Sweden's and also Europe's first national parks and today (2022) the number has increased to 29.
  • 1919The Swedish government decides under Prime Minister Nils Edens management to introduce universal and equal suffrage for women in Sweden for elections to the second chamber of the Riksdag. Thus, the fight for women's suffrage is almost over, but since this is a constitutional amendment, the decision must be made twice with elections in between, so the final introduction is only decided on January 20, 1921. On September 12 of the same year, the the first Swedish parliamentary election with universal and equal suffrage for both men and women.
  • 1935 - The Swedish crown prince Gustaf (VI) Adolfs daughter Ingrid marries the Danish crown prince in the Storkyrkan in Stockholm Frederick (IX). In 1940 they became the parents of Denmark's current reigning queen Margrethe (II) and in 1947 they become Denmark's royal couple.
  • 1940 - The Russian-American inventor Igor Sikorsky completes the world's first single-rotor flight helicopter, which he completed in September of the previous year. Within a few years, the US Defense Department begins to take an interest in the invention and soon the helicopter can begin mass production.
  • 1941 - During the British pursuit of the German battleship Bismarck becomes the battlecruiser HSEHood from 1918 sunk and the battleship HSEPrince of Wales from 1939 seriously damaged in the Denmark Strait west of Iceland. Out of 2,300 sailors on board at Hood survives only about 100 and Prince of Wales is lowered six months later.
  • 1956 - The music competition Eurovision Song Contest, where countries participating in the television cooperation Eurovision can send vocal contributions, is broadcast for the first time and takes place in Lugano, Switzerland. It is also the Swiss contribution”Refrain”, performed by Light Assia who wins the competition, where 14 countries participate. The competition then becomes an annual event, which has now (2022) grown to include most countries in Europe and is now decided in two semi-finals and a final.
  • 1968 - Students in vid University of Stockholm begins an occupation of their own corps house, which runs until May 27 and is part of the Swedish part of the so-called The May Revolt, which has opened in Paris earlier that month. The occupation takes place in protest against The university chancellor's office's proposal for a new curriculum, with fixed courses of study at the universities. Sweden's then Minister of Education Olof Palme comes to the corps, to try to negotiate with the students, but fails. Three days later, the occupation is called off, after the police have stopped the supply of food to the corps hall, but the new curriculum remains a political issue for years to come.
  • 1971 - The ice hockey clubs Husqvarna IF and Vätterstads IF merge and form the ice hockey team HV71 (the name taken from the initials of the old clubs and the year) and on October 3 of the same year the new team plays its first match (against Nybro IF). Today (2022) it is one of Sweden's established teams and has become Swedish champion four times (1995, 2004, 2008 and 2010).
  • 1993Eritrea becomes independent from Ethiopia.[3] The country has already declared its independence in 1991, but it is recognized by Ethiopia only now, after a referendum on the matter has given a large majority in favor of independence.