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24th July in 2023

Monday, July 24, 2023

Today's name is: Christina, Kerstin. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 30

Day of the year is: 205 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 1567Mary I abdicates as reigning Queen of Scotland, as she considers it impossible to rule the country, when the Scottish nobility is too independent and the dominant religion is Calvinism, while she herself is a Catholic. She flees to England, where she is imprisoned and later executed for treason against the English queen Elizabeth I. She is succeeded as King of Scotland by her 1-year-old son James VI, who on Elizabeth's death in 1603 also becomes king of England and Ireland with the name Jakob I.
  • 1599 - The Swedish-Polish Catholic king Sigismund is formally deposed as Swedish king by his Protestant uncle Duke Charles and thus also formally dissolved the staff union between the countries, where Sigismund has formed the common link. Sigismund has sat on the Polish throne since 1587 and on the Swedish throne since his father Johan III's death in 1592, but has in practice lost power over Sweden after his defeat against Charles I the battle of Stångebro in September of the previous year. However, throughout his life he refuses to recognize the abdication and asserts his claims to the Swedish crown until his death in 1632. The claims are then also transferred to his sons and successors on the Polish throne and in the first half of the 17th century is a cause of several wars between Sweden and Poland, until 1660, when the Polish monarch finally renounces the claims to the Swedish crown at the peace of Oliwa.
  • 1712 - Marshal Claude Louis Hector de Villars leads a French force of 100,000 to victory over a Dutch-Austrian force of 120,000 in the battle of Denain. In relation to the number of soldiers fighting, the losses will be relatively low on both sides, but the battle will be the largest during the ongoing War of the Spanish Succession and, by the standards of the time, altogether very large. However, it does not have a major impact on the war, which ends two years later.
  • 1842 - The new Skeppsholm Church inaugurated,[3] 20 years after the previous church burned down (1822). The church began to be rebuilt in 1824 and, after several interruptions, was completed in 1832, except for the dome. The dome was almost finished the following year in 1833, but then the work was postponed again until 1841, when the church was finally completed and the following year it could be consecrated.
  • 1847Brigham Young and his Mormon movement arrives in the Salt Lake Valley in present-day Utah, fleeing religious persecution in Nauvoo, Illinois. When Young believes that people have found their sanctuary in the valley, they found a city there, which gets the name Salt Lake City. Although some controversies against the US government erupt later, Salt Lake City later becomes a major city, which today (2022) is the capital of Utah. July 24 is a public holiday in Utah.
  • 1866 - Tennessee will be the first state to reopen in it American Union after of the American Civil War end during the so-called The reconstruction period, since the state legislature on July 18 ratified the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution (which concerns citizenship and equality before the law). The states which before the war seceded from the Union and formed Confederate States of America (CSA) are resumed in the postwar years one by one in the United States, but only after the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment.
  • 1911 - Some farmers are rediscovering the Inca city Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes, after a forest fire has burned away some of the vegetation that covers it. The city, which is believed to have been the summer residence of Ruler of the Inca Empire, was inhabited until Spain's conquest of the kingdom in 1532, but was then abandoned and "forgotten" by the Indians. However, the Spanish never find it (nor do they know of its existence) and it is therefore left to decay without human intervention. The American adventurer and historian Hiram Bingham III draws attention to the discovery and writes a series of articles and books about it, leading to his being given credit for the discovery. In 1983, the city was incorporated UNESCO's World Heritage List.
  • 1923 - Greece and Turkey sign Peace of Lausanne in Switzerland, which ends the Turkish involvement in the First World War in general and the Greco-Turkish War, which lasted 1919–1922, in particular. The peace essentially establishes the borders that Turkey still has today (2022), with the exception of the border with Iraq and the area of Hatay, which became Turkish in 1939. In addition, Turkey is recognized by several states as a sovereign state and as the successor to the collapsed the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1969 - Eight days after the launch, the rocket returns Apollo 11 to earth after its journey to the moon. During this have Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the surface of the moon (July 20). The command module, in which the crew is traveling, crashes into the ocean, whereupon the three crewmen are quarantined for three weeks, as it is not known how the trip to the moon has affected them (after two more trips to the moon, the quarantine is lifted, as it proves unnecessary). The American President Richard Nixon personally welcomes the three crewmen back to Earth.
  • 2002 - One month after the parliament has elected Alfred Moses to the President of Albania[4] with 97 votes for and 19 against, he succeeds Rexhep Meidani at the postoffice. He holds it for exactly five years, after which he in turn is succeeded by Bamir Topi 2012. Then the Socialist Prime Minister Pandeli Majko resigns the day after Moisius takes office, he instead appoints the leader of the Socialist Party Fatos Nano to the new prime minister, as compensation for his having refrained from running for the presidency.
  • 2013 - The serious one the railway accident in Santiago de Compostela occurs with 79 fatalities.