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21 :e Maj år 2023

Söndag den 21:e maj år 2023

Today's name is: Constantine, Conny. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 20

Day of the year is: 141 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 1216 - The English barons and the inhabitants of London receive the French heir to the throne Louis the Lion with open arms and recognize him as King of England in opposition to the sitting English King Johan and, after his death six months later, also against the successor Henry III. The following year, however, Ludvig is forced to sign a declaration, where he admits that he has never been England's regent.
  • 1481 - Vid Christian I's death, he is succeeded directly by his son His as king of Denmark. However, it takes time 1483, before Hans also succeeds Kristian as king of Norway, after the prince Jon Svalesson Smör has renounced power.
  • 1502 - The Portuguese explorer João da Nova discovers an isolated and uninhabited island in the Atlantic, which he names Saint Helena after the saint of the same name. The island remains unused until 1645, when Portugal begins to claim it. From 1659, however, it is in English (from 1707 British) hands.
  • 1804 - The cemetery Père Lachaise, named after 17th-century king Louis XIV's confessor François d'Aix de La Chaise, is inaugurated outside Paris. Because it is considered to be too far away from the city at the time, it does not become very popular at first. To remedy this, the remains of the 17th century writers are moved Jean de La Fontaine and Moliere soon there, leading to it eventually becoming a celebrity graveyard. Today it is Paris's largest cemetery and many celebrities, including non-French ones, are buried there.
  • 1840 - The New Zealand governor the Maori population how the British rule over the islands should be managed. On November 16 of the same year, New Zealand is constituted as a British colony.
  • 1927 - The Swedish-born American aviator Charles Lindbergh land on Paris-Le Bourget Airport in Paris after 33.5 hours by plane Spirit of St. Louis having flown from New York. The first flight across the Atlantic took place in 1919, but this is the first time anyone has done it alone.
  • 1932 - The American aviator Amelia Earhart lands in Londonderry in Northern Ireland after flying from Newfoundland in Canada in just under 15 hours. Partly she breaks the speed record in flying across the Atlantic, and partly she becomes the first woman to fly alone across this ocean.
  • 1982 - British troops are beginning to disembark on the Falkland Islands in the meantime The Falklands War against Argentina, a month and a half after the war broke out. The Argentine troops capitulate three weeks later.
  • 1985 - Austria decides to buy 24 used copies of the Swedish fighter plane Saab 35 Dragon. The plans for the purchase have already arisen in 1968 and the purchase is now attracting strong criticism in Austria, as the plans are now very old (they were built in the early 1960s). However, they remain in service with the Austrian Air Force until 2005.
  • 1991 - 16 people, including the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, then the Sri Lankan separatist and suicide bomber is killed Thenmuli Rajaratnam sets off a bomb in Sriperumbudur.
  • 2006
    • In Montenegro is held a referendum on whether the Federation Serbia and Montenegro shall be dissolved.[3] When the yes side wins with 55.4 percent of the votes (against the no side's 44.6 percent), Montenegro declares its independence from the federation on June 3 of the same year.
    • Sweden defeats Czech Republic with 4–0 in the final of this year's Ice Hockey World Cup. Sweden thus becomes the first country to win gold in ice hockey in both the Winter Olympics and the WC in the same year.