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2 :e Juli år 2023

Söndag den 2:e juli år 2023

Today's name is: Rose, Rosita. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 26

Day of the year is: 183 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 311 - Then the Pope Eusebius has been deposed on August 17 of the year before, the papal chair has been empty for almost a year, but this day is chosen Miltiades to his successor in office.[3] However, his pontificate only lasts two and a half years, as he dies on January 10, 314.
  • 1881 - The American Republican President James Garfield is shot at a train station in Washington, DC by the deranged Democrat supporter Charles J. Guiteau, barely four months after taking office as president. However, Garfield does not die immediately, but lies wounded in White House before succumbing to his injuries on September 19, after exactly 199 days as president. He thus becomes the second shortest-serving American president ever (after William Henry Harrison, who died of pneumonia only a month after taking office in 1841) and the second of four so far (2022), who have been assassinated. Garfield is succeeded on his death by his vice president Chester A. Arthur, who sits for the rest of the term, but before the election of 1884 is not even nominated as the Republican candidate.
  • 1900 - The German count and inventor Ferdinand von Zeppelin, who have devoted the entire 1890s to constructing steerables airship, makes the first ascent with such an airship, which will be named after himself zeppelin. The ascent takes place over Lake Constance at Germany's southern border with Switzerland and Austria, and during the 17 minutes it lasts, the ship covers a distance of almost 6 kilometers and reaches a height of 410 meters. However, it is damaged on landing and the test flight shows several flaws in the construction, which are then attempted to be rectified. The zeppelins then had their heyday in the late 1920s and early 1930s, but after The Hindenburg accident In 1937, they disappear quickly and are also outcompeted by ordinary airplanes.
  • 1908 - The Swedish businessman and diplomat Gustaf Oscar Wallenberg, which is currently Sweden's envoy in Tokyo and Peking, concludes on behalf of Sweden a "friendship, trade and shipping treaty" with the Chinese imperial court, similar to several other such treaties, which China concludes with several Western powers at this time. In part, the treaty confirms the privileges of the Swedish-Chinese the Treaty of Canton from 1847, and it provides the opportunity to abolish many of them, since China's judiciary has been reformed since the treaty was concluded.
  • 1915 - A Russian fleet squadron of six ships (assisted by a British submarine) defeats a German fleet of 14 ships in the battle of Gotland, which was partly fought on it in the First World War neutral Sweden's territorial waters. The Russian victory leads to the German flagship SMSAlbatross is so damaged that it is forced to run aground on its own at the Gotland coast. The fallen Germans are buried in a common grave at Östergarn's church, while the ship remains in a Swedish port until the end of the war (first at Fårö and then in Karlskrona). The battle also leads to German realizations that the outdated ships, which the Germans have in the Baltic Sea, must be quickly replaced with more modern ships and that advances against the Russians at sea need to be supported by heavier ships, for example battleships.
  • 1937 - The American female aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart disappears without a trace near Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean, when she is in the process of trying to complete a circumnavigation at the equator. She and her co-pilot have been in the air for 20 hours (against the estimated 18) and are running out of fuel, when the ship Itasca off the island loses radio contact with her. Despite intense efforts to find her wrecked plane starting the following day, during the two weeks the search continues, they do not manage to find it and it is still missing today (2022).
  • 1950Kinkaku-ji burn down..
  • 1961 - The American writer Ernest Hemingway commits suicide by shooting himself with his shotgun. The then almost 62-year-old Hemingway has suffered for several years from depression, as a result of his blood pressure medication, since an accident in 1954 has damaged his liver and kidneys, which has meant that he has no longer been able to write and also developed high blood pressure . This has also meant that he has begun to suffer from severe alcohol abuse.
  • 1966 - France carries out its first nuclear test explosion at Moruroa Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. It has then been three and a half years since France established the uninhabited atoll as a test explosion area at the end of 1962. The most intensive period of test explosions then lasts until 1974, when during these eight years a total of 188 bombs are tested (41 above ground and 147 underground), but the explosions continue sporadically until 1996, when they end, since massive protests against the French test explosions have taken place worldwide during 1995.
  • 1985 - The European Space Agency (ESA) launches the space probe Giotto (named after the medieval Italian artist Giotto di Bondone) and its purpose is to study Halley's comet, when it is close to the sun the following year. Although the probe is finished with its mission after passing the comet on March 13-14, 1986, it is allowed to continue traveling in space and, among other things, on the same date (July 2) 1990, it is allowed to pass close to the Earth, so that its trajectory can be changed , in order to be able to study a few days later Grigg-Skjellerup's comet.
  • 1994 - The Colombian soccer player Andres Escobar is murdered by Humberto Muñoz shooting him with six revolver shots outside a bar in a suburb of the city of Medellín. According to Escobar's girlfriend Pamela Cascardo, the killer shouts "¡Gol!" ("Goal!") for each shot and the murder is therefore probably a punishment for the fact that on June 22 Escobar has accidentally scored an own goal during a match against the United States in this year's World Cup, which has resulted in Colombia being eliminated in the group stage. However, it is not known if the killer is hired by one of the gambling syndicates, which have bet big money on Colombia winning the match. The murderer is later sentenced to 43 years in prison, but is released in 2005.
  • 2008 - The Colombian politician, anti-corruption fighter and former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt is, together with 14 other hostages, released from the captivity of FARC-the guerrilla, where she has been sitting for over six years. The release is carried out by Colombian security forces through a carefully planned operation, which has the code name Operation Jaque. After the release, Betancourt begins to devote himself primarily to the fight to get the guerrillas to release the people they are still holding hostage. In 2012, the FARC announces that they no longer intend to carry out kidnappings to demand ransoms and then release the last ten policemen and soldiers they have in their power. Even today (2022), however, the guerrillas have not announced what will happen to the hundreds of civilians, who are still believed to be held hostage.