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2 August in 2023

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Today's name is: Karin. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 31

Day of the year is: 214 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 338 BC - A Macedonian army, led by King Philip II, defeats the Athenians and Thebans in the battle of Chaironeia in the western Boeotia. His son Alexander in command of the Macedonian left flank during the battle. After the victory, Philip II is tough on Thebes but gentle on Athens, thanks to the Athenian orator and diplomat Persian Empire.
  • 216 BC - The Carthaginian general Hannibal leads his 40,000-strong army to victory over the Romans' 70,000 i the battle of Cannae (east of present-day Naples) during that Second Punic War. Of the Roman commanders, the consul falls Lucius Aemilius Paullus during the battle, while the other, Gaius Terentius Varro, is able to return to Rome with the message of the defeat, but completely disgraced. Despite the decisive Roman loss, the war continued for another 14 years, until the Romans emerged victorious in 202 BC.
  • 924 - King Ethelweard of Wessex dies after only two weeks on the throne and is succeeded by his brother Æthelstan. When he has conquered Northumbria three years later, he assumes the title Rex Anglorum ("King of the English") and starting with Æthelstan, who held power until his death in 939, the kings of Wessex are thus counted as kings of England.
  • 1332 - When the Danish king Christopher II dies, the Danes consider it useless to elect a new Danish king, since the country has practically ceased to exist, as it has been completely sold to foreign masters (among other things, the Swedish king has Magnus Eriksson same year bought Skåne and Blekinge). Denmark will therefore be without a king until 1340, a period that has gone down in history as the Kingless Age.
  • 1876 - The only 39-year-old American gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok gets shot dead by Jack McCall, another gunslinger nicknamed "Crooked Nose", as Hickock is about to start a round of the card game poker. Hickock is said to have had a pair of black eights and a pair of black aces in his hand at the time, which is why that combination has since been called the "dead man's hand". McCall is immediately arrested, but acquitted by a jury of miners. However, his case is tried again a little later and he is then convicted of murder and hanged on March 1, 1877, only 25 years old.
  • 1914 - Because both Germany and France mobilizing against each other, the Germans now begin to prepare to set The Schlieffen Plan in the work, which consists in quickly defeating the French, before they turn against the mighty Russia. In order to carry out this plan, the Germans need to march through Belgium, and therefore demand on this day to march through the country, promising to evacuate it as soon as France is defeated. This leads to the UK changing its tone. Until now, the British have advocated that the current diplomatic crisis in Europe to be resolved through an international peace conference, but as the war now comes ever closer to their own shores, they instead begin to prepare to put hard against hard and go to war themselves.
  • 1934 - When the German President Paul von Hindenburg dies aged 86 abolishes Adolf Hitler, who has been chancellor since January 1933, the post of president. Instead, he proclaims himself to be “Führer und Reichskanzler” (leader and chancellor) and thus becomes Germany's unrestricted leader, as he is both head of state and head of government. After the fall of Germany in 1945, the title Führer is abolished in politics, but remains in other, more neutral contexts in the German language. In other languages, however, it is associated solely with Hitler.
  • 1940 - The Swedish football club BK Häcken founded at Hisingen in Gothenburg by some 14-15 year olds, who want to play football against other teams and not just train and play together. Today, the club is one of the most prosperous associations in Swedish elite football, as they organize the youth competition every year Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, which brings big profits to the association.
  • 1944 - On the night of August 3, the Nazis liquidate the "gypsy camp" in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, when 1,408 Roma are deported to Buchenwald and the others (2,897) are gassed to death. Since 2015, August 2 is therefore a day of remembrance for the Roma holocaust, with the official support of the EU.
  • 1980The bombing in Bologna occurs.
  • 1990 - Iraq begins an invasion of neighboring Kuwait. However, this leads to a joint UN action against Iraq, which begins in January 1991 and where troops from the United States, Great Britain, France and several Arab countries liberate Kuwait under "Operation Desert Storm". Already at the end of February 1991, Iraq is forced to yield to the superiority and leave Kuwait.
  • 1993 - Several rivers in Norrland are flooding, because the snowmelt has been late and it has rained heavily during the summer. The floods continue for the rest of the month and several communities in Norrland are threatened by the water masses, before they start to recede.