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17 :e Mars år 2026

Tisdag den 17:e mars år 2026

Today's name is: . Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 12

Day of the year is: 76 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 45 BC - The Roman general Julius Caesar's troops defeat Pompey the Younger's army i the battle of Munda in Hispania, which will be the last decisive battle during it Roman Civil War. Just under a month later, Caesar has Pompey executed and since there is no organized resistance to Caesar left, the war is practically over, which is why Caesar can return to Rome as the victor.
  • 1040 - Vid Harald Harfots dead, he is succeeded as King of England by his half-brother Hard nut, who is already king of Denmark since 1035. Upon Hardeknut's death two years later, however, Danish rule over England ends.
  • 1058 - The Scottish King Lulach is murdered by the pretender to the throne Malcolm III, who now proclaims himself the new king of Scotland. He asserts his right to the kingship by his father Duncan I formerly was king, but was killed by Lulach's father Macbeth.
  • 1719Ulrika Eleonora is crowned reigning queen of Sweden and thus becomes the last Swedish regent to be crowned in Uppsala Cathedral. Excluding Gustav IV Adolf coronation in 1800 (held in Norrköping), all subsequent coronations are carried out in Stockholm (up to Oscar II:s 1873, which will be the last).
  • 1735 - Count Axel Wrede Sparre founders The Swedish Order of Freemasons and Sweden's first masonic lodge. At this first meeting Count is assumed Carl Gustaf Ticino as a Freemason and receives the first two degrees.
  • 1790 - A Swedish fleet damaged below Olof Rudolf Cederström destroys large Russian war stores during the raid on Baltischport.
  • 1845 - The British inventor of the rubber band.
  • 1861 - As part of Unification of Italy let the newly formed Italian Parliament proclaim Italy to kingdom with Sardinian Regent Victor Emmanuel II as its first king.[5]
  • 1959 - A week after that a rebellion have erupted against the Chinese rule in Tibet, the area's religious leaders are forced Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) go into exile in India, where he still lives today (2022).
  • 1969 - The Ukrainian-American teacher Golda Meir is elected Prime Minister of Israel, then the representative Levi Eshkol passed away unexpectedly on February 26. She has lived in Palestine since 1921 and has taken an active part in Israel's politics since the founding of the state in 1948. She then holds the post until June 3, 1974.
  • 1988 - A Colombian one Boeing 727-plane crashes in the mountains on the border with Venezuela, killing all 136 passengers and 7 crew members.
  • 1991A referendum held in the Soviet Union on the country's future. 78 % votes for the union to be maintained. At the turn of the year, however, it is dissolved and replaced by Commonwealth of Independent States (U.S). In several Soviet republics, the vote is officially boycotted, but instead voluntary referendums are held, which are not sanctioned by the authorities. The result in these largely reflects the official result.
  • 2004 - Kosovo Albanians and Serbs clash in the Kosovar village of Caglavica, just south of the capital Pristina. During two days Kfor force is injured during the unrest, while a French soldier is killed.
  • 2008 - Two children, one and three years old, are murdered, while their mother is seriously injured in an act of violence in Arboga. Later in the spring, the German Christine Schürrer is arrested and she is sentenced in February 2009 to life imprisonment for the murders.