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May 14, 2026

Thursday, May 14, 2026

Today's name is: Halvard, Halvar. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 20

Day of the year is: 134 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 1572 - Then Pius V has died on May 1, Ugo Boncompagni is elected Pope and takes the name Gregory XIII. During his time it begins, among other things Gregorian calendar introduced in some Catholic countries (from 1582).
  • 1610 - The French King Henry IV is murdered in Paris, when the deranged Catholic fanatic François Ravaillac at four o'clock in the morning jumps on the king's chariot and kills him with two stabs. Ravaillac is immediately arrested and executed on May 27 by hanging, pulling and quartering (a method of torture and execution reserved for kingslayers). On the same day that Henry is murdered, he is succeeded as king of France by his son Louis XIII.
  • 1643 - By the French king Louis XIII's death (on the anniversary of his accession in 1610) he is succeeded as King of France by his four-year-old son Louis XIV. He will sit on the throne until his death in 1715 and this period of 72 years will be the longest regency period in European history so far. Ludvig becomes known as the "Sun King" during his reign.
  • 1796 - The British doctor Edward Jenner manages to perform the world's first vaccination, by inoculating the disease, which is harmless to humans cow-pox on a boy named Phipps. Jenner has discovered that milkmaids, who have been infected by the disease from the cows they milk, have then become immune to the very dangerous disease smallpox and by giving a person the harmless disease, Jenner hopes to make the person immune to the more dangerous disease. When, a few weeks later, he tries to inoculate the boy with smallpox, the experiment is successful, as the boy has developed immunity and is not affected by the disease. Vaccination (a word Jenner creates from the Latin word for cow, cow) will begin to be performed on children across large parts of Europe within a few years.
  • 1856 - A trial begins against the British doctor William Palmer and becomes one of the most noted of the 19th century. Palmer is accused of murdering at least 14 people by poisoning them with strychnine. When he is found guilty of the murders, he is sentenced to death and executed by hanging a month later.
  • 19001900 Summer Olympics in Paris opens.
  • 1907The nose meteorite is found, one of the few discovered meteorite impact in Sweden
  • 1912 - Vid Frederick VIII's dead, he is succeeded as king of Denmark by his son Christian X.
  • 1931 - A group of striking workers marches towards Lunde (See picture) outside Kramfors, to protest that strike breakers have been deployed to replace them and carry out their duties. Summoned military tries to stop the demonstration train, but when the workers refuse to stop, the military opens fire on them. Four demonstrators and a woman among the spectators are shot dead and the incident, which goes down in history as The Ådal events, becomes an attention-grabbing news throughout Sweden. The whole thing leads to a new law being introduced, by which the military is prohibited from being deployed against the civilian population. In the future, only the police may intervene against the citizens.
  • 1940 - Four days after the German attack on the Western Front during World War II, the Dutch port city of Rotterdam is exposed to a heavy bomb attack of the German Air Force, leading to the Netherlands capitulating to Germany the next day, while the country's royal family and government go into exile in Great Britain. The occupation of the Netherlands then lasts for five years, until the liberation on May 5, 1945.
  • 1948Britain's Mandate of Palestine, which has lasted since 1920, ends and at the same moment the Jewish leader proclaims David Ben-Gurion the area as the state Israel, at the same time as he becomes the prime minister of the state.[4] Same day explains Arab League war against the new state and attacks the following day.
  • 1955 - Representatives of eight communist states within Eastern Bloc (Albania, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and East Germany) sign in the Polish capital Warsaw a treaty, through which the countries form a defense pact (which will be called The Warsaw Pact). This is a reaction from the Eastern Bloc against the Western Allies having formed the Defense Pact in 1949 NATO and that on May 5 West Germany has become fully independent and has become a member of it Western European Union.
  • 1981 - The Swedish Riksdag recognizes that sign language is the first language of deaf people in Sweden. This gives them the same rights to use this language as others who speak recognized minority languages.
  • 2018US Embassy in Jerusalem in Israel inaugurated.[5]