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12 :e Maj år 2026

Tisdag den 12:e maj år 2026

Today's name is: Charlotte, Lotta. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 20

Day of the year is: 132 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 254 - Then Lucius I has passed away on March 5 is elected Stephen I to the Pope.[3]
  • 1182 - By the Danish king Valdemar the Great's dead, he is succeeded as king of Denmark by his son Knut VI.
  • 1328 - The Teutonic Roman Emperor Louis IV has Pietro Rainalducci proclaimed antipope in Rome, as a counterweight to the legitimate pope (at this time John XXII), who resides in Avignon in the south of France. Rainalducci takes the name Nicholas V, but already in August of the same year the emperor forces him to leave Rome. Two years later he confesses to the popes in Avignon and is then thrown into prison until his death in 1333.
  • 1621Piteå city is established
  • 1873Oscar II crowned King of Sweden in Storkyrkan in Stockholm. This will be the last time a Swedish regent is crowned, then his successor Gustaf V chooses to forego coronation, which then becomes tradition.
  • 1912 - Brynäs IF is founded.
  • 1918 - Half a year after the outbreak of Russian Revolution in November and Finland's declaration of independence from Russia in December 1917, the Russians vacate the fortress Suaveborg at the entrance to Helsinki and surrenders the fortress to Finland. In Finnish, the fortress will soon be renamed Suomenlinna (Castle of Finland).
  • 1926 - The Italian airship pioneer Umberto Nobile flying together with the Norwegian polar researcher Roald Amundsen over the North Pole with airship Norway. This will be the first verified flight over the Pole by the American flying duo Richard Byrd's and Floyd Bennett's claimed flight three days earlier is likely a falsarium.
  • 1936 - 14 out of 23 timber rafters on board drown, when their too heavily loaded motorboat capsizes while traveling on Ormsjön in southern Lapland. The news receives attention throughout Sweden and the newspapers in Västerbotten call on the public to help the relatives financially.
  • 1937 - The newly ascended British king George VI and his wife Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon crowned in Westminster Abbey in London by the then Archbishop of Canterbury Cosmo Gordon Lang.
  • 1949Soviet Union cancels the blockade of West Berlin, which has been running since June 24 of the previous year. By cutting off parts of the Western Allies Berlin from the outside world, the Soviet leadership has hoped that they will give them up and hand over the entire city to the Soviets (East Berlin is already in Soviet hands). However, this has not worked, as the Western Allies have been allowed to fly in supplies to the West Berliners and have thus managed to supply them. Later that year, the Western Allies form the state West Germany of their occupation zones in western Germany, to which the Soviets respond by forming East Germany of its zone of occupation. West Berlin remains in the hands of the Western Allies and will thus become part of West Germany - despite being deep in East Germany.
  • 1968 - To simplify Swedish mail sorting, a system with postal code in Sweden. Until then, the mail has been sorted by location, which has meant that the mail sorters have had to learn all the postal locations throughout the country. With the new system, different areas instead get different numbers, which are higher the further north the town is (with the exception of Stockholm, whose postcode starts with 1).
  • 1971 - The so-called the battle of the elms in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm ends. When it has been decided that 13 elms in the area, which are over 100 years old, will be sawn down to make way for a subway riser, thousands of Stockholmers have vigorously demonstrated for a week against this and the organization Alternative city have even organized actions, where, among other things, people have slept up in the elms, to prevent the cutting down. After riots broke out between protestors and the police, it was decided on this day that the elms should be allowed to remain, which they still do today (2022).
  • 1977 - The 18-year-old Giorgiana Masi is shot dead by police during a demonstration in the Italian capital Rome, where women are demonstrating for a new and freer abortion law in Italy. Masi is subsequently seen as a martyr for the Italian struggle for greater equality.
  • 2008 - The Chinese one Sichuan Province affected by a strong earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter scale. It will be the worst earthquake in China in over 30 years with close to 70,000 dead and over 350,000 injured.