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May 11, 2026

Monday, May 11, 2026

Today's name is: Märta, Märit. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 20

Day of the year is: 131 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 330 - The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great lets officially move of the Roman Empire capital from Rome to Byzantium on the Bosphorus, after having in the last four years rebuilt the ancient city into a modern city, capable of serving as the capital of the empire. He has chosen the location based on its strategic location, as it is a port city in close proximity to boats Asia Minor and the Danube River, officially giving the city its name New Rome (Latin: Nova Roma), but the common name soon becomes Constantinople, named after himself.
  • 824 - Then Paschal I has passed away on February 11 is elected Eugene II to the Pope.
  • 1525 - An army of rebellious peasants, who want to depose the newly installed Danish king Frederick I and reinstate Christian II on the Danish throne, is defeated by royal forces in the battle of Bunketofta outside Helsingborg in Skåne. The royal troops, led by the Holsteiner Johan Rantzau, killing 2,000 peasants and capturing 1,500. When Rantzau's forces, after a six-week siege, also capture the castle in Landskrona, held by followers of Kristian, the rebellion is over.[3]
  • 1745 - During the ongoing War of the Austrian Succession becomes an allied force (consisting of Dutch, British, Hanoverian and Austrian troops) of 52,000 men defeated by a French army of 50,000, led by King Louis XV in the battle of Fontenoy in Belgium. The losses are about the same on both sides (about 7000 men) and the French victory leads to the French gaining control of Belgium.
  • 1812 - The British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval gets murdered in lobby of the House of Commons of ruined businessman John Bellingham, who harbors a grudge against the government for not receiving the compensation he feels he is entitled to after being innocently imprisoned in Russia. At first it is feared that the murder is the beginning of a rebellion against government policy, but it soon becomes clear that Bellingham has acted alone and when he refuses to plead insanity for his action, he is found guilty of murder and executed by hanging on May 18. Robert Jenkinson becomes the new prime minister and takes office on June 8.
  • 1818 - About three months after his accession to the throne (February 5) is crowned Karl XIV Johan to the Swedish king in Stockholm's cathedral. On September 7, he was also crowned king of Norway in Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.
  • 1858 – Eastern half of Minnesota Territory is recorded as the 32nd the state in it American Union and gets the name Minnesota. The territory thus ceases to be administrative[4] unity and the remainder becomes "unorganized territory" (English: unorganized territory) for three years, before it becomes part of Dakota Territory.
  • 1922 - Three months after the BBC).
  • 1930The Little Work Meteorite impact, one of the few witnessed meteorite impact in Sweden
  • 1949Israel becomes a member of United Nations, one year after the country was declared an independent state.
  • 1960 - Four Israelis Moss agents arrests the German Nazi and war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Since the end of the war in 1945, Eichmann has lived in the city under the name Ricardo Klement and it has taken the Israeli security services several years to track him down. After protests from Argentina, when the Israelis have acted in secret and without permission from the Argentine government, Eichmann is taken to Israel, where he is put on trial and subsequently convicted of war crimes during the Second World War, and executed two years later.
  • 1987 - The world's first heart-lung transplant is carried out in Baltimore, USA, when doctor Bruce Reitz operates on a new heart and a new lung in patient Mary Gohlke. The world's first heart transplant has been carried out in South Africa in 1967, but this will be the first time a lung has been transplanted.
  • 1990 – 25-year-olds Mikael Reuterswärd and 26-year-olds Oskar Kihlborg become the first Swedes to successfully climb the world's highest mountain Mount Everest, 37 years after the world's first successful ascent of the peak.