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11 :e Juni år 2023

Söndag den 11:e juni år 2023

Today's name is: Bertil, Berthold. Congratulations on your name day!

This is week: 23

Day of the year is: 162 of total 365 days.

Historical events this day: (from Wikipedia)

  • 1042Constantine IX Monomachos appointed emperor of the Byzantine Empire, then the reigning empress Zoë Porphyrogenita has appointed him husband and co-regent - even though he has conspired against her ex-husband, the emperor Michael IV. However, she will not become Constantine's co-regent, leaving the government to him. She thus remained emperor until her death in 1050, while Constantine remained emperor until his death in 1055.
  • 1488 - When the Scottish King James III falls in the Stuart family.
  • 1727 - Vid Georg I: s dead he is succeeded as king of Great Britain and Ireland by his son George II. He thus becomes the last British monarch to be born outside Britain.
  • 1770 - The British explorer James Cook and his crew will be the first Europeans to discover Great Barrier Reef off the northeast coast of Australia. The discovery takes place, then their ship, the bark HMS Endeavor, runs aground on the reef (on a reef which has therefore been named the Endeavor Reef). After a few tries, you get loose and look for two days for a suitable place to repair the ship. On June 13, you find an estuary (where Cook gives the river the name Endeavor River), where on June 17 you manage to place the ship on a suitable foundation, so that you can repair it. Only on 5 August can you continue the journey towards Batavia.
  • 1903 - King Alexander I of Serbia and his consort queen Draga are brutally murdered at the Royal Palace in Belgrade by some drunken officers, who have broken into the palace. The murders take place after Alexander has become increasingly unpopular, partly by marrying the 12-year-old Draga (who has been his mother's courtesan) and thereby causing scandal, and also wanted to appoint her brother as heir to the throne, and that he has carried out a coup, to have only loyal men in parliament. Therefore, a group of officers, including those led by the organization Black hand leader Dragutin Dimitrijević made military coups and the murders take place as part of this. As the corpses have been extremely mutilated and also subsequently thrown on a manure pile, they arouse great disgust among Europe's courts and it takes a long time before the new Serbian government, led by Petar Karađorđević, recognized by other countries, with the exception of Russia, which quickly recognizes the new regime - partly because Karađorđević is tsar Nicholas II protectionist, partly because Serbia through the change of regime changes its policy from being friendly-minded to becoming more hostile to Russia's arch-enemy Austria Hungary.
  • 1985 - The unmanned Soviet space probe Vega 1 passing the planet Venus and releases equipment on it, in order to investigate the planet's atmosphere and surface. Since the similarly unmanned space probe Vega 2 has passed four days later, Venus's pulling force is used to send the probes towards Halley's comet, which is reached in March of the following year.
  • 1994 - Since the 24-year-old ensign Mattias Flink in Falun the night before has drunk himself and among other things quarreled with his girlfriend, he arms himself with a AK5: a and one Glock 17gun, after which he early in the morning goes out to Falun and shoots a total of ten people. Seven of them (five women and two men between the ages of 20 and 35) die from gunshot wounds, while the other three survive. Flink is sentenced in the district court to 32 years in prison for the murders, while the court of appeal changes the sentence to life imprisonment and the Supreme Court to 30 years in prison. This mass murder will be the worst in Sweden (counted in number of victims) since Hurvamorden 1952.
  • 2004Cassini-Huygens makes its nearest passage at the Saturn Moon Phoebe.
  • 2008 Postponement of Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.
  • 2018Three World Trade Center opens.